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our roots are

nomadic by nature.

Our journey

Willow and Raven traces its nomadic roots back to its inception in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, where it was founded amidst the lush landscapes and eco-conscious ethos of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the verdant beauty of the region, the brand embarked on a journey, accompanying its founder on a move to the sun-kissed shores of South Florida. There, amidst the palm trees and ocean breezes, Willow and Raven flourished, weaving its message of mindful living and sustainable self-care into the fabric of coastal life. Now, as the brand continues to evolve, it finds itself rooted amidst the rugged red rock landscapes and expansive vistas of Southwest Utah. Here, amidst the majestic canyons and desert skies, Willow and Raven has found its home, drawing inspiration from the timeless rhythms of nature and the spirit of the terrain that defines the American Southwest.


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